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Consumer power supply business unit integrates R&D design、manufacturing and sales services. We mainly provide customer the series of eco-friendly adapter, charger, smart fast charger and so on. We have the professional R&D team and High-quality production, engineering, quality engineers. Relaying on strong research and development advantages, highly automated pipelining and quality inspection, we provide environmentally friendly and inexpensive products with high quality to consumer. Our team has made new breakthroughs in network equipment adapters, travel chargers, on-board chargers, smart fast charging and wireless charging. Our products have certificates from  national authorities, its is liable , save and eco-friendly.  Having the trust and support from  domestic and foreign enterprises, we establish long-term strategic partnership with them.

Products are widely used in office、home、security and other environment,matched with electronic products.Such as security monitoring, audio, display, TV, tablet computer, mobile phone, notebook, driving recorder, fiber optic modem, router, set-top box, switch and so on.

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